Blood Collection for PRP & PRF

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HLTPAT002  Perform venous blood collection

HLTPAT001 Identify and respond to clinical risks in pathology collection

Accredited blood collection training for health professionals performing PRP & PRF treatment. This highly contextualised course is designed to give you the skills to perform venous blood collection for the following health professions;

  • Dentists & dental assistants
  • Dermatologists & beauty therapists
  • Orthopaedics & sport science doctors
  • Hair rejuvenation technicians

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This course will teach you the knowledge and skills for routine blood collection, anatomy and physiology, vein dilation techniques, the use of vacutainer and scalp vein needles, safety and assessment of clinical risks while performing phlebotomy.

Also included in this course is the practical skill for centrifugation of plasma samples, sample separation and correct handling of plasma samples.

The course is conducted over three days of face-to-face training and you must also complete the self-paced work and assignments, including pre-course work before attending the class.

These contextualised units HLTPAT002 Perform venous blood collection and HLTPAT001 Identify and respond to clinical risks in pathology collection are nationally recognised to give you the skills you need to perform safe blood collection for treatment.

If you require training to be delivered onsite we can do so for a minimum of 5 participants:  

  • Fees:  $1200 per participant (travel costs for trainer will be added to invoice).
  • Time: 3 days (9am to 3:30pm)
  • Minimum Participants: 5           

Entry Requirements

This course requires you to have a good understanding of written, verbal and spoken English and maths (known as language, literacy and numeracy 'LLN').  All students who enrol in a course are required to undertake Adept Training's LLN assessment. While not a prerequisite, we strongly recommend all students be immunised for Hepatitis A and B before enrolling in the course.

For entry in to this course you must have either: previous experience collecting venous blood samples in a healthcare environment; an overseas medical background or qualification; or be a healthcare professional needing to collect blood samples for your current employment. Closed shoes must be worn to participate in clinical sessions.

To achieve this qualification, students need to demonstrate the workplace assessment requirements for the unit: HLTPAT002 Perform venous blood collections. This includes 35 hours of pathology work and a minimum of 25 venepunctures.  Work experience can be arranged by the college if students are not working in a setting where they are able to perform blood collections. 

Please note all students are required to provide the following documents on enrolment: 

  • Completed enrolment form
  • USI Number 
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency (Birth Certificate, Passport, Green Medicare Card or Citizenship Certificate)
  • Language, literacy and numeracy assessment
  • Emergency contact

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