Pathology Courses

Skilled pathology collectors are in demand in a variety of clinical settings. Our Pathology courses provide nationally accredited qualifications to help you begin your career in this exciting field.

HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection

Always wanted to be a nurse but not wanting a long university course? Pathology collectors work in healthcare settings supporting nurses and doctors......

HLT37415 Certificate III in Pathology Assistance

Does the idea of working in a Pathology Lab excite you? Want to work behind the scenes and assist the Pathologist? Then this is the course for you....

HLTPAT002 Perform venous blood collections

Already working in healthcare and need to get qualified to collect blood? This short course is designed for students who already have some experience and knowledge in healthcare....

HLTCAR001 Perform electrocardiography (ECG)

Do matters of the heart interest you? Our short ECG course may be just what you are looking for....

HLTHPS004 Measure spirometry

Have you ever been interested to know about how the lungs work? The Spirometry Training Course provides comprehensive training in the application, measurement and interpretation of expiratory spirometry. You will learn the necessary skills to conduct spirometric testing safely, effectively and reliably and it will enable you to interpret results accurately. You will be able to assess your patients with confidence and effectively manage their respiratory disease.

Venepuncture Refresher Course

Refresh your blood collection skills with our non accredited venepuncture workshop.

Blood Collection for PRP & PRF

Contextualised HLTPAT002 Perform Venous Blood Collections training for PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Cannulation Skills Workshop

Learn or refresh your cannulation skills with our non accredited cannulation workshop.